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Frequently Asked Questions For The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction

The Counseling Center provides comprehensive substance use and mental health treatments in Monmouth Junction. At our clean, modern facility, you’ll have access to the care you need to boost your recovery. We’ll help you cope with daily living without leaning on unhealthy substances.

Before you get here, take a moment to read our Monmouth Junction intensive outpatient FAQs. You’ll see answers to many of your questions here. And if you still need information about something, call 732-605-6353 at any hour for assistance.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is recommended for patients who need ongoing support for substance use recovery and mental health counseling. Different from residential rehab programs, you’re able to return home following therapy at our outpatient facility. Our program gives you the opportunity to maintain your daily commitments while still getting help for mental health disorders and drug or alcohol use.

The majority of patients who begin IOP in our facility have already completed detox and residential rehab programs. At this point, they are ready to work on issues more thoroughly by way of therapy to fix the mental element of addiction. The Counseling Center Monmouth Junction provides several kinds of intensive outpatient care dependent on where you are in your recovery. Once we’ve done a medical assessment, we create a personalized plan of treatment tailored to your requirements. From there, you’ll start going to various therapy sessions every week guided by our experienced counselors. While you’re in therapy, you’ll learn how to live without alcohol or drugs and how to handle any mental disorders that contributed to substance use to begin with.

Due to the fact that we focus our treatments for individual patients, The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction employs various therapy methods to accommodate everyone’s specific needs. Despite this fact, nearly all individuals go to a blend of individual, family, and group therapy.

Therapy is led by credentialed experts who are here to serve you. In treatment, you may discuss topics including:

  • How disorders -- like anxiety, trauma, or bipolar disorder -- lead to alcohol and drug use 
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome · Skills to prevent relapse 
  • The role of 12-Step programs within recovery 
  • What families can do to cope over the course of substance use recovery


Also, you’ll undergo care for any co-occurring or mental health disorders that led to substance use. Based on your particular circumstances, you could receive:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Motivational interviewing


There isn’t a single answer for this because every patient has distinct recovery goals and works through our substance use and mental health therapy differently. Some individuals work with us for eight weeks while others remain in our care for three years or longer. And, needless to say, you are welcome to return whenever you need to.

No, our Intensive Outpatient Program doesn’t incorporate detox or inpatient rehab care. If you don’t know if you should enroll in one of these options before exploring outpatient treatment at The Counseling Center, you are encouraged to call 732-605-6353. A staff member will reply immediately and consult with you on finding the assistance you need at an inpatient facility.

Outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment are separate levels of care. At inpatient care, you reside in a facility away from home with access to staff on a 24-hour basis. Inpatient care offers you a safe location to remove yourself from external forces and get persistent assistance as you detox or recover from alcohol or drugs or are at risk of a relapse in rehab.

Outpatient care is appropriate when you have moved forward to a point in your recovery that you don’t need continual monitoring or medical intervention. Outpatient facilities help you remain sober with support groups and therapy while allowing you to balance your everyday obligations. You could get treatment various days every week but live at home as you continue to work towards long-term sobriety.

The Counseling Center Monmouth Junction is a secular entity. Although we believe your personal religious and spiritual beliefs can contribute to drug and alcohol use recovery, we do not base our treatment on any religious beliefs.

We believe the 12-step method is beneficial for quite a few individuals. Our facility uses a number of elements of 12-step programs, like stressing the importance of group therapy in our care. We also have 12-step meetings on-site, and a majority of individuals in our care take part in these. With that in mind, our priority is to consistently supply custom-tailored treatment for your exact needs.

We greatly recommend family involvement in therapy, and even offer family therapy sessions each week. Our specialized family counselors can help you and your family:


  • Improve your understanding of addiction and mental health disorders 
  • Manage the strain of drug and alcohol recovery 
  • Enhance communication abilities 
  • Resolve concerns 
  • Detect co-dependency habits 
  • Regain trust 
  • Figure out how to support one another


Your family might find it helpful to start by participating in a family education meeting. These sessions are hosted Wednesday evenings and supply families guidance about how to support a loved one in drug or alcohol recovery.

The first action to take in finding drug and alcohol therapy in Monmouth Junction is to reach out to us at 732-605-6353 to make a meeting for an evaluation. This assessment will let us get to know you and your medical history and the status of your alcohol or drug use recovery. With that information, we are able to craft a custom-tailored treatment plan and set up the therapy sessions that will be of most benefit to you.

Your assessment consists of:


  • An interview process 
  • Filling out questionnaires 
  • Your medical history 
  • Psycho-social evaluations 
  • Breath and/or urine evaluation


The information gathered and your candid answers will give us the ability to create the proper course of treatment for you.

Still looking for information about The Counseling Center Monmouth Junction? Not sure how to start alcohol or drug use treatment? We are ready to advise you. Contact 732-605-6353 or complete the following form and obtain an immediate response from one of our specialists. Help is available today.

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Still looking for information about The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction? Not sure how to start alcohol or drug use treatment? We are ready to advise you. Contact 732-605-6353 or complete the following form and obtain an immediate response from one of our specialists. Help is available today.